After a multi-week hiatus, DIY FRIDAY is back. This week we’re highlighting the Latte-Printer (pictured in action above).

For those who don’t know, not only does such a thing as latte art exist, apparently it is thriving. While there aren’t any solid numbers of exactly how many “artists” focus on the medium of coffee, with estimates for the total number of coffeehouses in the United States alone being 1 for every 14,000 Americans, it’s safe to say there are probably quite a few. Think of latte art as the coffee equivalent to “plating”- points for presentation. Baristas create designs in one of two ways: free-pouring which is like freehand drawing with milk or etching where the design is drawn after the milk has been poured.

Noticing the growing popularity in latte art, inventor Oleksiy Pikalo saw a different solution to the problem. On his website, Pikalo offers up how-to directions for his Latte-Printer. It utilizes an old plotter and edible ink. His directions are pretty vague and seem way beyond the novice level but a motivated printmaker can figure out the details, right? Finally, editionable coffee. The latte-printer would definitely make a great addition to any printshop.